TOPIC: Grace For All Round Fruitfulness

Text: 1 Cor. 15:10

As a Christian you can be blessed yet not living as though you have it or not blessed, because you don't know how to show forth what you have. There are people who are free yet are living as those that are still in bondage. To be born again does not mean you will manifest the glory or blessings of God just like that, there are certain steps you need to take in other to manifest these things.

Therefore when you say you have grace you must put it to work. Apostle Paul was proud of how he took advantage of the grace of God that was bestowed upon him, he was not the head of the church but he was more productive that Peter and other apostles, because of his labour by the grace upon him, and you can see that in his statement in (1Cor.15:10). Every Christian carries something that they need to manifest because we have grace. Apostle Paul took advantage of this grace of God upon him.

What is Grace
There are 3 greek words that talks about "Grace"
* The first one is (CHAN) which means unmerited favour, a favour you are not qualified for but you have it.
* The second one is (CHESS) which mean mercy and loving kindness, mercy does not mean God having pity on somebody as we interpretes it, it simply means God's kindness towards mankind.
* The 3rd one is (CHANNA). This is an active word which means the demonstration of grace in a man's life.

Therefore with a proper understanding of the greek word for grace is all about favour, and favour is of two kinds, they are:
* The one you labour for
* The one you did not labour for

* Adam and Eve (Gen. 3:1-24). These people committed sin against God and never asked God for forgiveness rather they went to hide themselves until God looked for them and covered their nickedness, this is favour. People said God drove Adam and Eve from the garden because of sin. He did it to favour them which is to stop them from eating from the tree of life and remain in the state of spiritual death forever which would have defeated God's solution for man's re-enstatement. So the first people that attracted God's unmerited favour was Adam and Eve. Though Adam never asked God for His forgiveness, rather was blaming God for his sin, yet God favoured him.

* Another man that attracted God's unmerrited favour was Cain in (Gen. 4:1-17). This man killed his brother and refused to show remorse or even asked God for forgiveness. Even when God demanded his brother from him, he even told God that the curse he placed on him was too much for him to bear instead of asking for forgiveness; but yet God placed a mark of protection on him. Thereafter he got married, have children and built his own city.

Therefore "Grace" is God's character, so you must understand that in this world the God we serve has gracious character and until His grace expires in the life of a man judgment will not commence.

Noah was another man who enjoyed God's favour. Though God is the same in person, He can change His mind at any given time if when necesary (Gen. 6:1-14, 22). It was the same God who told tMoses that He will see the promise land but will not step into it at the end.

God regreted forever creating man and decided to destroy everything He created but Noah found grace in His sight. God looked at Noah and asked Him to build an ark, and He agreed. The grace rested upon Noah immediately he answered the call to build the ark. So there is a place of grace in life irrespective of who you are.

David is another man that enjoyed God's unmeritted favour. 1Sam. 16:1-13. David was a man who wrote about 70% of the book of Psalm and the words of God's loving kindness and mercy were repeated in these books because he was one of the person who enjoyed grace in the old testament. Though David was not qualified to be king both in statue or character as far as his brothers or father is concerned. And he was also the last born of his father that was why he was not called upon when Samuel came to his father's house. Besides nothing was written about his mother, yet God annointed him to be a king.

David was not a perfect man as you know, he committed adultary and murdered even Solomon who was made a king after David. So when unmerited favour rest upon a man, protocols are broken and the qualification of the man no longer matter. This is the reason Betosheba and other of David's children rose against Solomon. Grace is not by force, but by favour.
* Grace is an ability
* Moses was able to make heaven by grace. (Jud. 1:9).

Even the Isrealites were able to survive in the wilderness by God's grace. Exodus 33:13. Jacob was chosen by grace. Rom. 9:13. Any man that is a Christian carry grace because becoming a Christian is by grace, and Jesus is the embodiment of grace, so you have grace as a Christian.. (Jn. 1:14)

You enjoy grace by showing appreciation. Today when you visit hospitals, you will understand that you are living by grace. So appreciate grace in your life and the more you appreciate grace, the more grace is multiplied in your life. Grace does not last long in where there is complain. When a man appreciates grace, his financial state does not stop him from giving. (2Cor. 8:1-2).

God told "David" not to build him a house, yet he (David) made all the materials Solomon needs to build God's house. The bible described the giving of Solomon as a giving that moved God to visit him (Solomon), he was simply appreciating grace (1King 3:1-4)

May the Lord bless His words in Jesus name.